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Kanye West says he will buy Universal Music for $33BN

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Whether you were impressed or not by Kanye West’s decision to tweet photos of his record contracts last month – and his demand to buy back his masters from Universal Music Group – there’s no denying that he got the global music industry talking about the balance of power between artists and labels.

But what if those artists actually owned the music industry?

That was a question left hanging by West’s three-hour interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Saturday (October 24).

West explained to Rogan that, when it came to acquiring his masters, he’s now changed his mind, and is instead thinking bigger. How much bigger?

“I’m going to buy Universal.”

That much bigger.

West told Rogan: “I was thinking about buying my masters [but] I realized that was too small of a thought. I’m going to buy Universal.

“[Universal is] only a $33bn organization. I’m one of the greatest product producers that ever existed. And I’m a child; I’m 43 years old. I was $53m in debt four years ago. Now it’s proven that I’m the new Michael Jordan of products.”

This might seem a laughable notion, but is there a teeny speck of a chance that it could actually be possible?

I’m not entirely sure Universal Music will be going up for sale anytime soon but dream big Kanye!

Reported By: Jessica Rowe

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