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Musicians speak out against Lekki Massacre in Nigeria

On 21st October the world woke up to the devastating news of the Lekki Massacre in Nigeria.

Peaceful EndSARs protests turned deadly as security forces open fired on the crowd. A tragic event that has prompted a response across the globe, as the world reacts to the loss of innocent lives.

Many stars have been using their platform to speak out & encourage others to do the same.

Rihanna took to Twitter to condemn the violence saying-

Beyonce also shared a statement via Instagram, using her website to share resources and information on the EndSARs movement-

A hugely moment across the globe that’s seeing people with huge power and influence utilising their platforms to share information and strive for change. We can only hope these statements encourage others to speak up, sign petitions and protest for change and justice of the lives lost

You can find information and resources on the EndSARs movement & how you can help HERE.

Reported By: Jessica Rowe

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