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The fight to save the UK grassroots live music sector

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The UK’s Music Venue Trust (MVT), which represents hundreds of grassroots music venues in the country, has issued an urgent warning to the British Government that an immediate cash injection of £50m ($62m) is needed to prevent mass closures in July, August and September.

The effects of closure during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to MVT identifying a sector-specific rescue package as being fundamental to the survival of a large number of its member venues.

The live music industry in the UK, which generates £5.2 billion ($6.4bn) for the UK economy and a further £2.7bn ($3.3bn) in export revenues, is facing a substantial loss of infrastructure, with 90% of venues and festivals currently facing permanent closure.

‘Every other serious cultural country in the world is acting to protect its future talent pipeline. We need our government to step up. We need them to do it now.’

Mark Dayvd- CEO of Music Venue Trust

We can only hope the grassroots live music sector receives the support it so desperately needs right now.

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