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Sound of the Underground (this time we’re slowing it down)

I feel blessed to be bringing you the second instalment of Sound of the Underground. This time I’ve slowed it right down with Weightless by Akemi Fox (feat. Matthew Baines). This sultry track happened to find its way onto one of my Spotify ‘Daily Mixes’ and I have loved it ever since. Akemi Fox has released a handful of singles, including latest release ‘Lemon Tea’, and each of her tracks carries an infectious sense of joy and light.

Akemi Fox’s vocals are the stuff of dreams: ethereal and as smooth as melted chocolate. She is truly a singer whose sound I could never tire of. The beat is simple, slow and somehow calming, accompanied by gentle chords. Matthew Baines contributes serene, effortless bars that sit seamlessly over the beat and tie the track together. The song is perfect for any slow summer day and has become a firm favourite of mine. 

The future is bright for Akemi Fox. 

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