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‘Nobody’ Can Explain How You Feel Like Yourself… Kelsey Coleman Bares All On New Single ‘Nobody’

No gimmicks, no costumes and no glazing over the everyday issues that we all encounter, Kelsey Coleman’s songs are raw and will engage listeners from all walks of life. Born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey, Kelsey’s music has a celestial and delicate ambience, transporting the listener to a dream-like state where they can truly resonate with the conversational nature of her lyrics.

Driven to communicate through her tracks by issues she has personally experienced, including cyber-bullying and loneliness, Kelsey is an all-American girl with a truthfulness which is lacking in so much of 2020’s pop music scene. Nobody is her first single release, a sombre track lyrically, yet ultimately an uplifting journey through break-up and self-discovery.

Kelsey in her own words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjtV1oananE&feature=youtu.be

Kelsey’s music is certainly emotionally driven, thematically encompassing issues such as dealing with depression, love lost, mistakes made and separation from friends. Her track Nobody alludes to the haunting experience of being lost to the memory of a loved one and feeling like a stranger to someone you once knew so well.

Listen below:

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