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Ones To Watch 2020

It’s been a great year for urban music. From Stormzy headlining at the colossal Glastonbury Festival, to Lizzo storming the charts, and Aitch‘s rise from the North – it’s seen a takeover of the mainstream charts.

But all artists have to start somewhere, so here are our Top 5 ‘Ones to Watch 2020’:

Osana AD

Hailing from Nigeria, Osana AD sees his music as transporting the sunshine of his homeland to the UK. Bringing with him a love of Afrobeat and Afropop, and fusing it with styles from the UK. He is demonstrating exactly how Afro Pop is developing in the UK, retaining its vibrancy and urgency whilst adapting to issues locally and communicating to fans across the musical spectrum regardless of their background .

Loria Boban

Loria Boban was born in Sweden and grew up surrounded by music. She decided to move to London in 2015 to study music and has since then gained an unprecedented following in London’s live music scene. Pioneering a new-wave “funky-soul”, her sound can best be described as a fusion of funk, soul, R’n’B, rock and rap.


DREWKABOOM is looking to enlighten the ears of music fans around the world via much more spiritual means, employing not just his MCing skills but also his training as a yogi and sound healer. DREWKABOOM is combining his passion for the more cerebral artists of the 90s along with his take on modern issues and his desire to always remind listeners of the importance of mindfulness to achieve balance and harmony.

Prime Sinister

Featuring a huge array of epic UK hip-hop producers, Prime Sinister’s album, Patient Zero, is one which feels destined to become a milestone in the genre. Taking place in the alternate universe known as Rage where even the most intangible capabilities endure, the listener joins the narrator on this conceptual journey as he tells stories of the surrounding developments.


Characterized by raw vocals and cinematic production, Kyan blends alt soul, indie electronic beats and classic lyric-driven compositions to create an all together new soundscape that he describes as Dark Soul. “What results is a compelling soul-baring vocalist and musician, who gives us poetic lyrics and performances that are transfixing.”

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