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Rare London performance for Ahmed Soultan – the pioneer of ‘Afrobian’ music style

Ahmed Soultan has taken Europe by storm with his own personal brand of ‘Afrobian’ music. A perfect blend of African, Arabian and Western music styles, Ahmed creates an entrancing sound that is bound to create an electrifying atmosphere at his London show on the 23rd of October at 229 The Venue.

You can get tickets for this unmissable concert here:


Ahmed’s use of varied styles and multiple languages (Arabic, French, English and Amazigh) has taken him on a journey of international success. From overwhelming support in his home continent of Africa, to performances and airtime in Europe and the Arab world. In 2012 his accomplishments broadened when he guest appeared for an acoustic session on BBC World TV and he because a regular guest on the BBC 1xtra radio show ‘Destination Africa’. 2012 saw even more achievements for Ahmed when he won the MTV European Music Award for Best Act from Africa/India/Middle East. He was also nominated alongside big name Rihanna for the MTV EMA Worldwide Act.

You can check out Ahmed Soultan’s 2018 release: Music Has No Boundries – Extended on Spotify now!

As well as coming to Ahmed’s one off London show, where you will experience unique music like no other, make sure to check out and follow Ahmed on his social media channels for any news and updates!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AhmedSoultan2009/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoultanAhmed

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soultanahmed/

Website: http://www.ahmedsoultan.com/