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D-Saro is Solving The Eternal Conundrum In His Latest Track

FFO: Yxng Bane; Shakka; JME; Stormzy

Rating: 8/10, catchy and on-trend


2018 has been the year that afrobeat and dancehall have really become mainstays of the UK urban music scene, with more and more homegrown artists integrating the distinctive rhythms and bassline into their musical release. D-Saro’s third release ‘Conundrum’  is a product of this growing influence of African and Caribbean music in the UK.

The single tells of a ‘conundrum’ that will be all-too familiar for many London-based nine-to-fivers: how to make enough money to finally escape from the urban dungeon. This is a track for real people, going about their real life with as yet unfulfilled aspirations, and ‘Conundrum’ is a perfect example of D-Saro’s motto in action: ‘true stories, deep lyrics, real life, no gimmicks’.

Upbeat afrobeats are complemented by D-Saro’s catchy beats, displaying his talent as both a vocalist and a MC. The production (by Term) is also impressive, something to be expected given his background working with some of the biggest names in grime: Stormzy; Devlin: Skepta.

Definitely one for your commute, when we are all trying to solve the conundrum that will get us out of the ‘dungeon’ of central London.

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