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We Talk To New York Rapper Hanz Gable About His New Single, Racial Profiling & The New York Rap Scene

They say that the passage of time speeds up as you get older, but whoever said obviously hadn’t precipitated the shit-show that has been 2018. Now , while Hanz Gable’s upbeat and life-affirming ‘Drink To That’ won’t necessary solve any of your problems, it will certainly remind you that there is plenty to raise a glass to, even when everything seems awful. And as he says himself, the record is a ‘club smassssh’, so even if you have nothing to drink to, you can at least have a good dance. 

We sit down and chat with Hanz Gable about the single, New York City and his experiences with the police racism.


Let’s first talk about your new single ‘Drink To That’. What inspired you to make this record?

‘Drink To That’ is a celebration record, made to be played at New Year’s and Christmas. It is just a fun record really; a record that brings people together, and makes them have a good time whether it’s their birthday or just a happy moment in their life. We need a feel-good record like this at this time; especially now given what’s going on around the world.

‘Drink To That’ displays lots of different musical styles, Hip-Hop, EDM, Latin to name a few. Can you tell us a little bit more about this?

‘Drink To That’ does have a twist of Hip-Hop and EDM… I call it EDM-Rap. I wanted to cross over with the ‘Drink To That’ record and it’s already buzzing in the clubs in NYC.

Who would you consider your influences and what is your favourite album of all time?

My influences are people like Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent. My favorite album of all time is ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’ by 50 Cent.

You’ve said your older brother gave you a firm foundation in Hip-Hop history. Can you tell us a bit more about your childhood in Brooklyn and how this has affected your music?

Actually my older brother use to hook me up with what was hot in Hip-Hop and that was through this that I decided to start making music. But music wasn’t my first love. In my childhood days I played basketball, that was my first love. Once high school was over, that’s when I took music seriously

You’re based in New York. What’s the NY Hip-Hop scene like at the moment?

Actually the Hip-Hop scene in NYC is not how it used to be. The Hip-Hop scene is more in L.A now, everyone is moving to L.A.

You’ve posted several videos on your Instagram about police racism and brutality. Have you experienced any of this personally?

Yes. I shot that video based on a lot of stories I hear from my fellow Muslims and I’ve had a few cases that I’ve run into where they judge me because of my last name.

Do you consider yourself a political rapper?

My style of music is versatile. I can go political or Pop or Hip-Hop. Either way I try to set the bar high….

What is your choice of drink when you are ‘drinking to that’?

My choice of drink to that… hmm. You can be drinking anything when you hear that record: water, alcohol, juice, whatever. With this record it don’t matter what your drinking because it’s a club smashhh.

What does the next year have in store for Hanz Gable? Are you playing any live shows? Any new releases?

I’m always performing. I just had a live show in Dallas, I opened up for Rick Ross. I also have a new single coming out called ‘World Anthem’.

What’s one thing that you want people to understand about Hanz Gable?

I want people to understand that I am a humble person. No amount of money can change me. I’m a people person and you never know what style of music I’m going to do next… and I want to thank everyone for their support. Thank you!


Drink To That is out now! Also be sure to follow Hanz Gable on twitter and instagram on the links below: