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Urban Radar’s Weekend Soundtrack 26/10/18: What We’re Listening To This Week

A mix of the old and new, established and unsigned. Released every Friday to help you soundtrack your weekend with only the best tunes.

1. Cheryll- Need You

Cheryll serves us up a piece of old-school inspired RnB with her latest track ‘Need You’. The production is slick and polished but her vocals remain sweet and soulful, reminiscent of late nineties or early noughties RnB stars like Ashanti and Brandi.

Although Cheryll is evidently inspired by singers from across the Atlantic, the track still has that idiosyncratic London-edge. The chorus sees the beats take on garage-like characteristics, speeding them up just a touch, and the sampling of raindrops adds to the not-quite-garage-but-kinda-close vibe. We’re not joking when we say that we’ve listened to this track ten times this afternoon, and it keeps getting better everytime we hit replay.


2. Sugarhill Gang- Rapper’s Delight


This one is courtesy of Hip-Hop Evolution, the brilliant hip-hop documentary on Netflix at the minute. ‘Rapper’s Delight’ is one of the first real mainstream hip-hop records released and we’re pretty sure that everyone in the English-speaking world knows this song. This track is ‘on’n’n’on’n’on on’n’on’ and it still blows our mind that it was released in 1979. Get funky to this hip-hop classic on your way out this weekend, and be sure to nurse your hangovers while binging Hip-Hop Evolution on Netflix.

3. Shatta Wale- Give Dem Something

From his latest, record breaking album, ‘Reign’, Shatta Wale’s ‘Crazy’ is the perfect song to dance away the work week. Fusing Ghanaian afro-beats with Jamaican dancehall is what gave this guy the title of ‘Dancehall King’ in his homeland, and these elements are out on full display in this funky, club-ready track. We’d recommend the whole album if you’re a fan of dancehall and what the world outside of the Caribbean has to offer.

4. Self-care- Mac Miller

After our review of SAZ and their tribute to Mac Miller, we wanted to celebrate the life and music of the late hip-hop star. This track shows Miller doing what he needs to do in pursuit of ‘self-care’ and figuring himself out his break up with Ariana Grande earlier in 2018. ‘Self Care’ is essentially a song of two acts. The overall tone of the song shifts around the halfway point, and it morphs into a slower, more thoughtful version of itself, with an RnB inspired synth background. This song is truly testament to his talent, and further highlights how his death was a big blow to hip-hop as a genre.


Let us know what you think about this week’s soundtrack in the comments below and if there is anyone you think we should be listening to next week!