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Review: Kai Rabai Seduces With Neo-Soul Offering ‘Slow Down’

Genre: Neo-Soul, RnB

FFO: D’Angelo, Dwele, Miguel

The first independent release from London-based artist Kai Rabai, ‘Slow Down’ is the musical equivalent to velvet.

Kai Rabai’s voice serves up all the smoothness, caressing your ears with his understated, soulful tones. He is clearly a talented vocalist, and ‘Slow Down’ displays a subtle yet emotional depth to his voice, reminiscent of neo-soul king D’Angelo.

The slow, heart-like beats are the perfect accompaniment to his voice, swaying together to create an aural experience that manages to both numb and stimulate the senses. The down-tempo production only serves to augment this sensual quality to the track: this is music that was made to be played from dusk to late evening.

The track is entirely self-produced, and at times the production can sound slightly rough around the edges. If he were a less accomplished singer, this might be a problem. However, as his vocal influence D’Angelo proved on his classic album ‘Voodoo’, neo-soul doesn’t require polished production. On ‘Slow Down’ you can hear what Kai Rabai is feeling, a quality that would likely have been dulled if the production value was higher.

Wrapped up in such a convincing package, it is impossible to resist ‘slowing down’ when you hear Kai Rabai telling you to do so, making this the perfect song to soundtrack your more chilled evenings.


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