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Urban Radar’s Weekend Soundtrack: What We’re Listening To This Weekend

A mix of the old and new, established and unsigned. Released every Friday to help you soundtrack your weekend with only the best tunes.

1. Jonny Dee- You

We’re prolonging the summer with this laid-back offering from San Diego newcomer Jonny Dee. This song is one of the best Hip-Hop tracks to come out of the west-coast scene in years and is unusual in its incorporation of elements from 70s psychedelic-soul. In fact, we recommend listening to the whole album this weekend if you have the time, it is the perfect accompaniment to the soon-to-be waning sunshine.

2. Cypress Hill- Oh Na Na

Straight off their first studio album for eight years, Oh Na Na is our favourite track from ‘Elephants on Acid’. They turn-down the eastern-spiritual vibe a little on this one, which makes for a more accessible experience. This a dark, winding record and there is still more than a whiff of the experimental in the snake charmer-esque instrumentals. On the whole, however, the track owes more to the west-coast sound that people fell in love with in the 90s. It also happens to be surprising danceable, courtesy of their trademark bass-heavy rhythms. Definitely one for the pre-game, or maybe a few beers with friends.

3. B Green- Christopher Columbus

We published an article on this guy for Columbus Day on Monday, and we haven’t stopped listening to the record since. If you like your trap-beats served alongside a healthy portion of politically-conscious rap, then ‘Christopher Columbus’ should be your go-to this weekend. We anticipate BIG things for B Green.

4. Lauryn Hill- The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

So it might be cheating to recommend a whole album but since it’s National Album Day this Saturday, we’ll make an exception. At Urban Radar, we think the tendency to describe ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill‘ as one of the best female Hip-Hop albums does her a massive disservice: this is one of the best Hip-Hop albums full stop. Listen to the album all the way through this weekend, but maybe hit the replay button on ‘Ex-Factor’ and ‘Forgive Them Father’.

5. Lil Wayne ft. Kendrick Lemar- Mona Lisa

You think we’re going to be the only people in the world NOT listening to ‘Mona Lisa’? If you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, ‘Mona Lisa’ is one of the leading tracks from Lil Wayne’s much-awaited Tha Carter V and displays some of Weezy’s best bars yet. And if you haven’t heard it yet, get on it. Highlights include Kendrick’s comedic falsetto towards the end.

6. AJ Tracey- LO(V/S)ER

After the research for our article on innovative UK Grime artists, published yesterday, we’ve been repping Spotify’s ‘Grime Shutdown’ playlist all weekend and AJ Tracey’s LO(V/S)ER has been a standout track for us. This guy’s flow is unreal, and the sound is slightly softer than your average Grime track. Bonus points also for the cleverest title we’ve seen all year.


What are you listening to this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!