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Kalada drops irresistible track ‘Bussa Move’

Meet the man on a mission to get the nation moving: Kalada. Hertfordshire’s freshest hip-hop prospect has dropped a brand new track, ‘Bussa Move’, and if you can’t guess by the name, the track is about getting listeners on their feet. “The vibe behind ‘Bussa Move’ is to basically have fun,” he explains, “Whatever moves you make in life, you must do that like a boss.” And that’s exactly what Kalada does. Pulling references from dancehall, rap, sango and afrobeat, he achieves an infectious, vibrant carnival sound that’s impossible not to move to. How does he know? The track was tried and tested by the man himself. “When I come up with songs I dance for at least 15 minutes in my kitchen to the instrumental before putting lyrics to the beat,” he confesses. It’s no surprise that he cites Michael Jackson as his ultimate influence. Watch the slick video for ‘Bussa Move’ and see if you can resist getting out your seat.

Watch the video for Bussa Move below.