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Shuba demonstrates pop prowess with empowering track ‘Stupid’

If there’s one hot topic at the moment, it’s female empowerment– or lack thereof. On ‘Stupid’, Illinois pop prodigy, Shuba, is demanding respect from the kind of villainous character that’s being splashed across the front pages every other day. Taking notes from the likes of female role models such as Beyoncé, she delivers a fierce, empowering message to said antagonist: ‘I can look in your eyes and tell you that you’re mine/ but I won’t tell you that I’m yours’. Although the lyric content demonstrates Shuba’s pop sensibilities, sonically, the track harks back to the smooth R&B of the ‘90s. It’s a song that wouldn’t sound out of place plastered across the airwaves, next to the likes of Ariana Grande and Tori Kelly and, having already worked alongside the likes of Matt Hennessey (Beyonce, John Legend) and Zak Fox (Chance The Rapper), it’s a possibility that doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

‘Stupid’ is lifted from Shuba’s her forthcoming self-titled EP, due out later this month.

Listen to ‘Stupid’ below.