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Nej!Las unveils techno noir track ‘Washout’

The latest release from Nej!Las threatens to be a major crossover release. ‘Washout’ features elephantine throbbing beats and dark hues. The track crawls through a modern metropolis only to find itself in a labyrinth of sound, with techno-noir and bleak core influences at every turn.

As well as soaking up the more obvious influences you might expect a producer and artist who has spent time in Detroit and Chicago, the track also boasts some more unusual angles: the futuristic worlds of Flying Lotus, the ever-shifting soundscapes of Boards of Canada, as well as the noir-esque soundtrack work of Thomas BangalterJohn Carpenter and tomandandy.

Nej!Las is no ordinary artist, having founded a charity which has already delivered a $2.5 million aid across the crisis-stricken areas of the Middle East, as well as creating her music in eight different cities across two countries. Like her ever-present black hoodie (which also serves as her logo) what may at first glance seem familiar hides a genuinely thrilling hit of cutting-edge dark-wave electro brilliance.


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