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M3staken pushes the boundaries of electronica with new cut ‘Rain’

If you’re into your hip-hop, beats and electronica, we have good news for you. M3staken  mixes all three styles, with no regard for labels and pigeonholes, on new track ‘Rain’.
The beats are deliberately heavy and fragmented, showing no signs of conforming to the tropes of the aforementioned genres. On the whole, it’s a daring, left-field effort from the artist that’s a refreshing addition to a genre that’s desperately in need of a shake-up.
As the last piece of M3’s trilogy (also including ‘Apex’ and ‘Water Colors’), he notes that this is the album that has meant the most to him due to its conclusive nature. M3 commented that Rain is ‘loosely connected to my two previous works and it is primarily a collection of my personal favourite songs’.

Listen to ‘Rain’ here: https://m3ssi.bandcamp.com/releases 

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